The next Artemis I Moon mission launch attempt has a date selected by NASA.

NASA is prepared for the third launch attempt of its Artemis I Moon mission after overcoming engine issues, fuel line leaks, and a significant hurricane. 

On Monday, November 14, launch will not happen sooner than 12.07 a.m. EST.

According to a NASA blog, the mission will also launch on Wednesday, November 16, at 1:04 a.m. EST, and on Saturday, November 19, at 1:45 a.m. EST.

During Artemis I, an unmanned test mission of NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft, flight systems will be shaken down 

 and an opportunity for experiments will be provided when Orion orbits the Moon and returns to Earth.

A launch on November 14 would result in a mission lasting 25 and a half days, with Orion touching down in the Pacific Ocean on December 9th.

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