The NFL World Is Praying For The Family Of A Legendary Quarterback

Over the past two years, Terry Bradshaw and his family have endured a great deal in secret.

The renowned NFL quarterback and his family have spoken up about his harrowing fight with cancer, which was previously kept a secret from the public.

Tammy Bradshaw, Bradshaw's wife, expressed how much the health battle had affected her.I never told him this, but I was far more stressed and anxious than I ever let on to him.

The NFL analyst for Fox Sports, Terry Bradshaw, who is back on the air this season, acknowledged the importance of his wife to him.

"I have no words to express my gratitude to her. Seriously, "Bradshaw spoke out.

Thanks to Terry's recuperation, the Bradshaw family is presently doing well, while many people continue to pray for the illustrious quarterback.

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