The Reggie Miller Sad News Provokes Reaction From The Sports World

Kyrie Irving, the point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, garnered attention last week when he posted antisemitic material to his social media accounts.

Irving tweeted a link to a 2018 film adaptation of a book with antisemitic motifs.

Reggie Miller, a former NBA great, has made it obvious he is dissatisfied with the way the rest of the league has responded to his comments.

"When it was one of their own, the players let this case slip through their fingers. The sound of crickets "This week, Miller said.

 "And it's unfortunate since the foundation of this league was laid by the players' advocacy. Wrong is wrong and justice is right."

Fans have responded to radio DJ Danny Marang's tweet in which he claimed that Miller "is saying the quiet portion out loud."

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