The Saudi Maradona is one of the World Cup's 101 most memorable moments.

From now until the first kickoff of the 2022 FIFA World Cup on November 20, we'll share a new World Cup-related experience every day.

Saeed Al-breathtaking Owairan's lone goal starts the countdown from 101.Not just Diego Maradona was capable of dribbling through a full squad and scoring at a World Cup. 

 If we're being honest, Saeed Al-spectacular Owairan's solo goal for Saudi Arabia at USA '94 was just as stunning.

In contrast to Maradona's slalom eight years prior, Al-run Owairan's and finish occurred during the group stage. None of the prior champions, including England, were involved.

But he managed to get by one more would-be defender as it started deeper in his own half.

And as the Argentine icon delicately rolled the ball home after circling goalkeeper Peter Shilton to open the lock

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