The Secret Touch Men Want

When you wake up with the MOYD, kiss and hug him. Kiss him even if he's sleeping. These little things you take for granted will last forever.

This daily act will greatly improve and in some cases heal a broken relationship.

Free kisses and hugs set the tone for your day and relationship. We're not convincing? We guarantee it will make you and your partner happier after 30 days. 

Each hug and kiss is stored in the MOYD's internal memory bank. It shows you're thinking about him before your morning coffee.

How you touch a man reflects your past experiences or lack thereof. If you paid for a massage and only got one half, you'd never return and feel unbalanced.

Unknowingly massaging half the MOYD will irritate him. "What about the other side of my body? Why doesn't she know?"

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Joe Schoen, wide receiver for the New York Giants

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