The Sixers are in trouble. There is Joel Embiid involved.

It's often challenging to distinguish reality from noise in the early stages of the NBA season. Small sample sizes throw all the data off.

(For instance, the Grizzlies' 4-1 record and minus-1.7 net rating.) Furthermore, teams cannot escape behind gaudy records. 

A "1" in the victory column five games into the season is very different from a 1-4 streak in February.

They are the proprietors of a record from those 1-4. Poor defense has been employed. Keep an eye on the James Harden-Joel Embiid combination. 

Additionally, the offseason signings haven't had the impact that many people (including myself) had hoped they would.

Do I truly worry about this team, overall? The Sixers still have the talent, in my opinion, to make things work. In overall, the offense has been excellent.

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