The speed of the potentially deadly asteroid as it approaches Earth is rising.

Another Armageddon rerun? Even though it is a massive planet, the earth is not the only celestial body in space, and it is nevertheless surrounded by a variety of celestial substances 

that could potentially be harmful to it. One such space object is the asteroid Phaethon, which astronomers believe could one day threaten our planet.

Scientists are interested in a massive asteroid that is 6 km long. The reason? It appears that its rotational speed is rapidly accelerating.

Asteroids that are close to Earth have the potential to be dangerous, such as Phaethon. The famed meteor shower known as the Geminids has its roots here.

It was given the Greek mythological name Phaethon, son of the sun god Helios, because of its orbit, which periodically sends it near to the sun. Astronomers describe it as "possibly hazardous."

It is in the eye of the Destiny+ probe, which should arrive there by 2028, because it also travels near to Earth.

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