The Sports World Reacts To the Tragedy of Brittney Griner's Arrest

On Tuesday, Brittney Griner, who was given a nine-year prison term for drug-related offenses, turned 32.

According to those close to her, the WNBA star has been having a very difficult time in prison. Like many of her teammates, she has spent a lot of time playing overseas.

The prison Griner is in has a basketball hoop, but no ball, according to ESPN's T.J. Quinn. Griner reportedly rejected a ball that was presented to her.

"I questioned Griner's attorney about whether she had the chance to play basketball after she was taken into custody. 

The jail, according to her, has a hoop but no ball. BG declined, stating it was too hard to consider, although Griner's attorneys offered to bring one "he declared.

Since earlier this year, Griner, who turned 32 on Tuesday, has been detained by Russian authorities.I'm hoping she'll be returned home soon so she can play again.

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