The sports world responds to Tom Brady's unexpected business decision

Tom Brady, quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, may be overburdened given his marriage issues, which seem to be leading to divorce, 

and his commitment to his team throughout the football season, but that hasn't stopped him from putting his all into a somewhat unusual business venture.

Kim Clijsters, a six-time tennis Grand Slam champion, and Brady are both reportedly purchasing expansion teams for the Major League Pickleball.

"BREAKING: @TomBrady and @Clijsterskim are leading a group to purchase an additional club for the Major League Pickleball. The team will play in the enlarged 16-team MLP league in 2023

The league will grow from its current 12 teams to 16 teams at the start of the next season with the addition of Brady and Clijsters' new squad.

It's undoubtedly very significant and unexpected news, and as a result, the sports world had a lot to say about it.

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