The star's spouse catches a historic home run but declines a $2 million offer for the ball.

The man who grabbed Aaron Judge's record-breaking 62nd home run ball in Texas on Tuesday night has been revealed as the spouse of a former "Bachelor" star. 

Cory Youmans, the billionaire vice president of Fisher Investments, is said to have caught the ball and is still holding it, according to many publications. 

 Bri Amaranthus, Cory's wife and alum of Bachelor Nation, appeared to validate such rumors.

There is no doubt that Cory's catch of the ball is historic. Judge's home run broke Roger Maris' previous mark of 61, 

which had held for 61 years, to become the single-season American League home run leader.

Since the three other players who have hit more home runs in a season were active during the drug era, many baseball purists now view Judge as the true home run king.

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