The Top Late-Night Host Is Quitting His Show

After seven years as the anchor of the satirical news program The Daily Show, Trevor Noah announced this week that he will be departing.

 The 38-year-old South African comedian succeeded longtime host Jon Stewart in 2015 after a year as one of the program's Senior International Correspondents.

Stewart had hosted the program for many years. Despite having enormous shoes to fill, he swiftly built his own brand that was appropriate for the time 

Trevor Noah's tenure on The Daily Show throughout the years required him to gingerly address several significant times in American history.

The Black Lives Matter movement, the Covid-19 epidemic, and the assaults on the US Capitol in 2021 were all covered in this. But as of late, he wants to spend more time performing standup.

He said to the studio audience, "I spent two years in my flat. When I returned outside after finishing stand-up, I felt there was another area of my life I wanted to continue investigating.

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