The UK Home Office has barred more than 1,300 supporters from the World Cup.

Reuters, 10 October - The UK's Home Office has announced that more than 1,300 supporters from England and Wales who have been subject to bans would not be permitted to go to Qatar 

The new regulations, which became effective on Friday, forbid soccer fans from traveling to the sport's championship event, which begins on November 20 and lasts through December 18.

According to Home Secretary Suella Braverman, "We will not let the actions of a small number of lawbreakers stain what will be a wonderful competition."

English soccer saw a substantial increase in pitch invasions and crowd problems last season, and the Premier League implemented stronger safety measures to curb misbehavior before the current season.

The Home Office issued a warning that violating the guidelines might result in a six-month jail sentence and an infinite fine.

A travel restriction would also apply to anyone who has "already caused disturbance and is regarded likely to do so again."

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