The US permits deliveries of Lockheed's F-35 jets.

The F-35 jet engines made by Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT). The waiver permits the F-35 fighter deliveries to resume.

According to the F-35 program office of the Pentagon, Honeywell International Inc.'s (NYSE: HON) magnet has been employed in the aircraft since 2003.

The Pentagon halted buying new F-35 aircraft in September after learning that a magnet in the engine of the stealth fighter was constructed with unapproved components from China.

The last aircraft under the deal are expected to be approved in October 2023, according to William LaPlante, the Pentagon's top weapons buyer, 

who stated that the decision is in effect until that time. Also read: The Pentagon Works To Reduce Dependence On Chinese Material Supplies.

The manufacturer of the pump, Honeywell, will seek to find a substitute for the metal and use it in subsequent lubrication pumps.

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