The White House makes a decision regarding the World Cup.

A delegation from the White House will travel to Qatar for the upcoming 2022 World Cup, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced on Wednesday.

The international sporting event has been under intense criticism because of the host nation's alleged violations of human rights.

 Jean-Pierre was questioned if by not sending a delegation, the White House intended to make a statement regarding the alleged mistreatment of migrants by Qatar.

"We will be supporting the Team USA team in this significant event. When an occurrence like this occurs, we don't usually do anything unique "Fox News quoted the press secretary as saying.

The White House claims that the Biden Administration rejects all breaches of human rights even though a delegation from the United States will be traveling there.

"[President Biden] has and always will denounce any violations of human rights. He never hesitates to bring up that subject, whether it be in leader-to-leader conversations or when speaking in public.

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