They are doomed due to a lack of "ball output." R. J. Roquan Smith

Former Bears linebacker Shaquille Leonard, who thrived in Matt Eberflus' defense, attended the same high school as him.

 However, throughout his four seasons, Leonard was responsible for 30 interceptions.

Both of Smith's goals came in a span of only eight games. Ball output is highly desired at that position, as stated by Eberflus.

 Roquan Smith wants a deal like the one Shaquille Leonard received with the Colts for $98.5 million over five years in 2021.

After he became a star in Indianapolis under defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus.

The difference between Leonard and Smith was that Smith was a two-time All-Pro while Leonard had the ability to make clutch plays.

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Jaguars gambled on Calvin Ridley.

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