Tom Brady is receiving criticism for what he did during Cameron Brate's terrifying injury.

There was a distinct absence from the audience around Brate as he was being cared for. And as you've probably guessed by this point, a certain seven-time Super Bowl champion was missing.

Now that his teammate was on the ground, what was TB12 doing? He was obviously keeping loose for when the action picked back up.

Now, it must be acknowledged that we are unsure of Brady's involvement in the group prior to the shot in question. 

The television coverage cut away as normal during the time Brate was on the ground. Maybe Brady entered, Brate instructed him to go win the game, and TB12 exited to get warm.

All we're saying is that Brady has come under fire for appearing to be unconcerned with his tight end.Believe me. There are more posts than just those two.

After this outburst in the second quarter, Brady may have believed that some of his teammates, particularly his offensive line, didn't really want him around.

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