Tom Brady of the Buccaneers might leave the NFL midseason.

Due to his issues off the field, Tom Brady may consider retiring once more. A veteran NFL quarterback claims that the Buccaneers player may soon retire from football.

Tom Brady has been in the news a lot lately, but not necessarily for the Buccaneers' performances on the field. 

According to a former NFL quarterback, the Tampa Bay athlete may decide to give up football once more and leave his team in the 2022 season.

It's an important period in Tom Brady's career. He came out of retirement (for a little over a month) to play in his 22nd season, but the Buccaneers haven't been as successful as everyone had hoped.

Now, a veteran NFL quarterback has stated that Tom Brady may quit the Buccaneers in the middle of the season. 

He is considering how TB12 could be feeling right now because he is aware of how off-field pressure impacts the players.

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