Tom Brady Responds to Criticism With a Message for Devin White

Devin White, a top linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has come under fire for appearing to give up on a play during their Week 8 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. 

In today's press conference, White acknowledged that the play that has garnered so much media attention had him not racing as quickly as he could. 

But White acknowledged that he needs to play better and work harder for his teammates in a comment to Bucs insider Greg Auman this afternoon.

Brady reposted White's message, endorsing the idea and promising to put in more effort alongside him. He asserted that the group would conquer its obstacles as a unit.

Devin White is not the only member of the Buccaneers who needs to perform better. 

On a defense that now stands in the top 12 for both points and yards allowed, the Pro Bowl linebacker currently leads the club in tackles and is tied for second in sacks.

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