Tom Brady's message received a two-word response from Patrick Mahomes.

On Sunday night, Patrick Mahomes received a really awesome postgame greeting from Tom Brady.

However, Mahomes' answer to the illustrious quarterback certainly made him feel rather old.

Brady offered high comments for Mahomes on the field after the Chiefs defeated the Bucs in Tampa Bay. A video of the post-game handshake between Brady and Mahomes has gone viral.

That's a fairly fantastic message from Brady to Mahomes, especially given the situation and the fact that the Buccaneers had just suffered a difficult defeat.

Even if he didn't want it to be funny, Mahomes' answer was nonetheless amusing.Mahomes said, "Yes sir," to Brady.

Hey, the Buccaneers' quarterback and the Chiefs' quarterback are almost two decades apart in age.Brady presumably isn't used to hearing the title "sir" too often on the field, though.

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