Tony Dungy thinks he understands why Tom Brady was given a penalty

You can imagine that Tony Dungy, a defensive-minded head coach who invented the Tampa 2 defense and developed some of the league's finest players,

 didn't like the dubious roughing the passer penalty made during Sunday's Falcons-Bucs game.

Prior to Friday night's SNF show, Dungy tweeted that Grady Jarrett's flag was "awful" and suggested that it may have contributed to the nasty head injuries we saw last week:

Jerome Boger had other plans when Jarrett and the Falcons defense believed they had Tampa off the field and in position to set up a game-winning drive for their offense.

The seasoned official said as follows when questioned about the penalty following the game:

The quarterback was grabbed by the defender while he was still in the pocket, and [Tom Brady] was unnecessarily thrown to the ground. I had that in mind when I made my choice.

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