The New Orleans Police Department has suspended a top female officer without pay for 120 days.

A high-ranking officer of the New Orleans Police Department has been suspended after it was discovered that she was checking in for work while also working as a hired private security guard.

After a Fox8 investigation showed her fraudulent activities, Sabrina Richardson was placed on indefinite leave.

Following the publication of the investigation's findings, the disgraced officer was previously demoted from the rank of captain to lieutenant earlier this month.

Off-duty details, which allow companies to pay officers when they are off duty to perform private security work for them while wearing their uniforms

Off-duty tasks are completely allowed, but Richardson was caught doing them 26 times while also being paid by the city's tax payers and clocking in at the NOPD.

Following a meticulous investigation in which they used the Freedom of Information Act to collect traffic camera recordings

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