Towel Musty Odor Removal

Using stinky towels again is a bad idea. S&G Cleaning Services suggests using hotter water in a clean and mildew-free washing machine.

If that doesn't work, use a cup of vinegar when washing towels in the machine. You may smell vinegar, which is better than musty but still not ideal.

Wash and dry the towels normally. A scented fabric softener can eliminate odours and freshen towels.

Once they're free of the musty smell, S&G Cleaning Services suggests targeting other areas that may be transferring the smell to your towels, linens, and clothes

The hamper counts. You should also wash your towels regularly and correctly and toss them when they're beyond repair

Set an intention for the home to be happy, prosperous, and bountiful and remove any negative energy.

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