Tragically, a famous golfer's father passed away at 63.

According to sources, Jon DeChambeau, the father of Bryson DeChambeau, died after a struggle with kidney disease.The top golfer announced the information on social media.

I adore you, Dad. Although I'm sorry to see you depart, you've endured far too much suffering in this life. DeChambeau expressed his happiness over peace on Twitter.

"Now you get to accompany me and see me perform at every occasion. I appreciate you being such a great father, and I'll see you in the next one.

More information on the situation was available in The New York Post."Bryson's former high school golf teammate Ron Bankofier donated a kidney to Jon DeChambeau in 2017.

Mike Watney, the uncle of PGA Tour golfer Nick Watney, the Fresno State golf coach, also offered him a kidney, but there was no match "they sent word.

This weekend is a trying time for Bryson's family, and our thoughts are with them.God grant his father eternal peace.

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