Travis Kelce acknowledges his hatred for one NFL franchise.

Star tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs was recently questioned about other NFL teams. 

He does, and you won't be too surprised by the response given how much so many other people despise that team.

This week, Kelce, who has been touring with his brother Jason lately, visited the New Heights podcast. Kelce mentioned the New England Patriots when asked which NFL foe he despises the most.

According to Kelce, I don't know whether it's mutual, but I detest playing the Patriots, according to Darren Hartwell of NBC Sports Boston. 

Your mom jokes are funny, but only when they're directed at me and not my mother. It's just (expletive) low blows, man, when mom is getting heckled as she leaves the stadium.

The Chiefs player continued, claiming that other NFL players he knows share his sentiments and that New England supporters leave them with "a nasty taste in their mouth."

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