Troy Aikman's news has upset the college football world.

A Big Ten program was attacked in a "uncalled for" way by the ESPN "Monday Night Football" analyst.

Joe Buck said after a catch by a former Indiana player that he was making the Hoosiers proud, and Aikman laughed.

It doesn't require much,Aikman later apologized after understanding how unkind he had been to the Hoosiers.The supporters are still not pleased.

One fan commented, "Holy s—- Aikman you didn't have to throw the whole program in a body bag. I didn't watch the game last night."

Another admirer complained about "the disrespect."Tom Allen is unhappy, said one supporter.However, not everyone is upset."Everyone has to stop being so sensitive and to calm down.

 If we're being really honest, he's not incorrect. In the previous two years, IU football hasn't given us anything to celebrate about "fan added, one.

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