Two dogs murdered a walker in California.

Authorities in California say an 80-year-old woman was killed by two dogs while walking.

Soon Han, 80, was found unresponsive in a road in Blady Mesa, San Bernardino County, on Friday. Two dogs from a residence attacked her while she was out walking. 

Officials say the dog's owner is cooperating. San Bernardino County Animal Control has both Dogos Argentinos until the investigation is complete and a hearing is held.

Dogo Argentinos are robust hunting dogs that have been utilised in search and rescue, military, police, and service roles.

The organisation said they make "excellent household pets," but only for the "proper owners."

"Dogos are protective, so early socialisation and training are crucial. This dog isn't for novice or hesitant owners "AKC initially recognised the breed in 2020.

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