Walmart is reducing the iPhone 14 after barely a week.

If you want Apple tech, try Walmart. The retail behemoth offers loads of Apple bargains, including the iPhone 14.

Savings on Apple's iPhone 14? Walmart is now discounting the iPhone 14 by $20. Verizon and AT&T provide phones.

The iPhone 14 has a new operating system, iOS 16.

Upgraded camera, Retina display, and battery. The iPhone 14 has 6GB of RAM, double the iPhone 13's 4GB.

iPhone 14's 12MP camera sports a bigger sensor and wider aperture. The updated smartphone has a better selfie camera with autofocus.

We spotted the iPhone 14 for $779 at Walmart. iPhone 14 Plus costs $899. iPhone 14 Plus models won't be available until Oct. 7, but Walmart is taking preorders for $879.

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