Wedding Singer, Bride

Ms. Doherty's mother, Molly Dwyer, called her daughter's Oct. 9 wedding to Joshua Michael Zager "a music festival" for a reason.

Since she was 10, Ms. Doherty, 32, has sang at weddings with multiple bands in Saratoga Springs, where she grew up, and New York City

Maggie Doherty, a Hofstra University a cappella singer, met Mr. Zager in 2009.

When Ms. Doherty was a freshman, they met through rugby. Josh, Mr. Zager, was a sophomore. 

“Josh was well-known, he was captain of the men's team,” she claimed. “We started noticing each other at parties.”

“He thinks you're incredibly cute, and he's a really lovely guy,” the women's rugby team captain told Ms. Doherty to text him the next year.

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