What Cars Did Joe Biden Have to Give Up to Become President?

Joe Biden's first car as president1951 Studebaker was Joe Biden's first automobile. The Studebaker Corporation of South Bend, Indiana created the car known as the Studebaker Champion. 

It was made from 1939's first day till 1958. As the junior model to the Commander, it was a full-size automobile for the first three generations and a mid-size car for the fourth and fifth.

Third-generation technology was used in Joe Biden's vehicle. The style included a new rear window, flat front fenders, as well as practical elements like automated courtesy lighting 

and instrument backlight illumination. A interesting statistic is that in 1947, the Champion accounted for 65.08% of the automaker's overall sales.

The car's 169.9 cubic inch, 2.8L I6 engine was standard. In those days, the engine's 85 horsepower output was not awful. Additionally, the vehicle had an automatic transmission.

The wraparound, "greenhouse" rear window that was available on 2-door, 5-passenger coupes from 1947 to 1951 was one of the new stylistic elements on the vehicles.

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