What amount does it cost to charge an electric vehicle at home?

With homegrown power costs currently covered for the following several years, electric-vehicle proprietors will be considering the amount it will cost to charge their vehicle at home.

. Planned electric-vehicle (EV) purchasers could likewise be gauging it facing the expense of running a petroleum or diesel car.

That prominent, this is the way to figure out the expense of re-energizing at home, the additional costs you need to 

consider, and a few hints on holding these costs down.
The most extreme expense of power under the new government cost cap is 34p per kWh. 

Thus, to completely re-energize a Fiat 500e with a 37.3kWh battery, you'd be taking a gander at an expense of £12.68 (for example 34 x 37.3/100).

For a greater electronic vehicle, for example, the Mercedes EQV with a 90kWh battery, the expense is around £30.60.

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