What's gaslighting? You feel crazy.

People use the term loosely now. True gaslighting occurs when one person refuses to validate your perceptions, feelings, or memories.

They do it because gaslighting works. Gaslighting is a way to manipulate and control you.

They're dictating the situation's reality (whether it's happening now or in the past) to gain control.

You recall a past event or discussion. You have a clear memory of what happened, but they say, "That never happened" or "You should see a neurologist." I think your memory's off.

Even though you chose the destination, hotel, plane, and activities, your partner says, "I put it all together." 

This was my idea. I want to go there." If things go wrong, they blame you: "You forced us to go there, I never wanted to go there, and your bad attitude ruined the trip."

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