What's worse for Meta: falling Facebook ad revenue or rising metaverse costs?

In an open letter, Altimeter Capital CEO Brad Gerstner criticised the company's metaverse strategy and called for a 20% reduction in payroll costs.

"The metaverse's a concept." "Zuckerberg is betting on something that doesn't exist," says futurist Tiffany Pilgrim

Over $1.5 billion has been spent on games and apps in Meta's Quest store, with 33 titles grossing at least $10 million.

The introduction of a flagship metaverse hardware product, signalling the near future of Meta's plan, hasn't swayed opinions.

"Facebook, now Meta, finds itself at a crossroads," Bernstein analyst Mark Shmulik wrote after the launch of Quest Pro on Oct. 11. 

No one uses Facebook. The next Yahoo! Burning money on a metaverse dream that won't come true! shmulik said.

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