Who Smokes Marijuana in the US? Here Is A Summary

With permission, we are republishing this piece that was first published on The Fresh Toast.

Here are some intriguing data on who is using marijuana today, as the demographics of marijuana users continue to change.

The chances of meeting someone interesting next to you during a Pink Floyd light display are great. But what about when you're in a voting booth, in a grocery shop

Marijuana users come in different shapes and sizes. They don't all have the same appearance, especially in today's society when cannabis has lost much of the stigma

Actually, there isn't really a "kind" of marijuana user, at least not in light of more recent research. Every demographic, from baby boomers to young women, is using more.

The likelihood that your coworker is a cannabis fan may have increased dramatically as a result of several states and businesses easing their regulations on workplace drug testing.

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