Why You Should Avoid Cocktail Sauce If You're Eating at a Seafood Restaurant

While it's simple to see the signs of a spoiled chicken or steak, seafood presents a more challenge. 

Due to the inherent nature of seafood, you'll need to depend on additional clues than smell and taste to determine whether or not it's safe to eat. 

The flesh, for instance, should never be slimy or mushy, and if there are inconsistencies in the colour, it's better to avoid it, as shared by Angry Crab Shack. 

The inability to directly check the seafood before it is served makes it much more difficult to identify these warning signs.

Thrillist explains that this is why it's important to look for other indicators, such as whether or not the restaurant serves fried seafood.

 A term used to trick customers into thinking that the seafood on the menu was purchased recently at a market.

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The Diddly Squat eatery owned by Jeremy Clarkson was closed by order.

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