Wideout For The Broncos Reacts in Three Words to Russell Wilson News

The amusing Russell Wilson anecdote was corroborated by a Broncos receiving team member on Wednesday.

On the journey from Denver to London, Wilson reportedly worked out and treated his ailing hamstring for four hours. While his teammates slept, according to Russ, he performed high knees in the aisle.

KJ Hamler, a third-year wide receiver, slipped in the responses with a "No BS lol."Hamler's tweet received a lot of feedback.A user wrote, "I 'lol' to cover the pain."

Another person questioned, "Did you advise him to chill?""Oh my god, they hate this guy so much."A fan said, "Honestly, if I were in that plane, he'd be landing on IR."

This is hilarious.A supporter yelled, "KJ Hamler hates this man."

"We are throwing hands if you bump me when I'm trying to sleep in the aisle seat because you're performing high knees all over the darn plane. There is none other."

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