Woman crystalizes Christmas tree twigs; it's stunning

If you did a lot of arts and crafts as a child or as an adult, you may have seen Borax crystals. Borax crystals are a wonderful way to get the whole family producing stuff.

TikTok founder Kristyn Cole suggested constructing Borax crystal structures for Christmas d├ęcor. 

Kristyn loves Christmas and decorates early with as many imaginative items as she can find. 

How to do? In the traditional way Borax crystals are created, but using the sprigs! Kristyn boils water and adds Borax powder,

stirring until dissolved. She then lets the sprigs lie overnight so the Borax crystals can form and creep up the branches.

After drying, we witness the final, astounding effects. The crystalline sprigs appear like they were left in the ice and snow

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