women slammed on social media for having eight men and eleven children

A woman who has had 11 children by eight different men has responded to critics who claimed she only had so many children to qualify for government assistance. 

The mother, Phi (pictured), from Memphis, Tennessee, has amassed more than 90,000 followers on TikTok thanks to her frequent sharing of glimpses into life with her enormous family.

But the mother-of-11 is frequently forced to respond to online trolls who say they 'feel sorry' for her children and question whether she is using her various baby daddies to obtain financial support.

She was accused of choosing to have so many children because she "doesn't want to work" and is "living off child support," according to a harsh commentator. 

In response, Phi posted a video of what appear to be court documents showing that she barely receives $10 in child support each month.

She also responded to another critic who had said that her kids were "in anguish" by posting a video montage of them dancing, having fun, and spending time together.

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