Yankees supporters give up after learning the humiliating cost of Game 4 tickets

It is surprising for two reasons that tickets for Game 4 of the Yankees can be found for a reasonable price. 

First of all, everything costs more in New York City. Second, the Americans are about to be eliminated. The time has come when they most need the support of their audience.

However, it isn't always how baseball fandom—or fandom in general—functions. Fans don't show up at the players' or ownership group's request. 

Houston hasn't been the only team to dominate the Yankees. The majority of these games have been very predictable, and both fans and analysts frequently make fun of the Yanks' offensive strategy.

Pinstripe pitchers need to be flawless, and they haven't been able to do it against an Astros offense that features 

so many well-known players as well as some up-and-coming players like Jeremy Pea.

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