You Need Peri-Peri Chicken

Chili's name and the pepper that gives it flavour can be confusing. Similarly, peri-peri, or piri-piri in Portuguese, is both a chilli pepper and a sauce made from it

 Peri-peri is synonymous with grilled chicken because of the sauce's popularity.

The chain sells its peri-peri sauce in grocery stores, but other brands may be available. Peri-peri is medium-hot if eaten in small doses.

Due to its popularity, peri-peri chicken is on menus worldwide; if you can't find it locally, try chain restaurants

Boston Market is offering a limited-time peri-peri rotisserie chicken, which means the dish has hit mainstream in the U.S.,

As Americans become more aware of peri-peri, we'll understand how great it is.

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